Man United players publicly critics on Mourinho tactics


Man United players publicly critics on Mourinho tactics. Manchester United lost 0-1 at home to Juventus in the Champions League Group Stage game. What is more uncomfortable than the defeat is the content of the game. Especially in the first half, the Red Devils played extremely conservatively and took the initiative to put up a beating stance.

In an interview with after the game, Manchester United defender Luke Shaw made it clear that the team’s play in the first half was questionable. “I think we gave the opponent too much respect in the first half, we let them play too easily. We tried it in the second half, just like in other games, we pressed more in the second half.”

“We have not been able to create many absolute opportunities on some occasions today. I think that the time for the opponent to control the ball in the first half is too much. We have expectations. But I think we should be more oppressive and play more. There is some aggressiveness, and (to let the opponent control the ball too much) causes us to lose the ball.”


Fortunately for Manchester United, Valencia, the same group of competitors, failed to beat Young Boys, Manchester United still leads Valencia by 2 points. Luke Shaw said: “The loss is disappointing, but at least Valencia does not win, so we must adjust when we are in Juventus.”

Players Doubt on Mourinho Tactics

Swedish defender Lindelof also said that Manchester United needs to play more aggressively in the opening game. “We are facing a very good team and have very good players. This is a tough game, but I think we shouldn’t lose.”

“In the past few games, we played very well in the second half. I don’t know why. We have to play like the second half when the game starts. I think we can use it in the second half. We know that the opponent is an excellent team, but we are also excellent teams.”

In some of the previous games, when Manchester United was desperate and outspoken in a backward situation, they often played well. This may be why Lindelof said that the team played well in the second half. However, the cautiousness at the beginning of the game, to a certain extent, comfortable the players’ hands and feet. Today, Luke Shaw and Lindelof’s statement does not know whether coach Mourinho will feel uncomfortable. After all, this has doubts about his tactical arrangements.

The question of Manchester United is also the name of the Red Devils, Scholes. He has always been known for his severe criticism of Mourinho. After the game, Scholes also expressed similar views. “I think Juventus has made Manchester United inferior in every aspect of the game,” Scholes said. “Dybala’s goal is well grasped. Juventus can play such a performance on the road, I give them praise. Juventus is facing a big club, but the (Manchester United) team is not the previous team, the two sides have a huge gap in the level. When Manchester United took the ball, they look very nervous, Mourinho is this satisfactory? Maybe he is satisfied, who knows? When you see the way Manchester United plays now, you will feel a little embarrassed.”



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