Emery: Its important to do this. Winning is everything

Emery: Its important to do this. Winning is everything 1

Emery: Its important to do this. Winning is everything. Four consecutive victories in the league, five consecutive victories in various games! Arsenal coach Emery has a lot less pressure. In an interview after the game, Emery was in a good mood. He said that the team’s second half was much better than the first half and praised the performance of Cech review by Casino Malaysia

For the team to win, Emery thinks it is very important: “Victory is very important to us. We win 3 points in our own way. After 90 minutes we can analyze the game, but the most important thing is to win the game first.”

Emery revealed that the team was ready to fight hard before the game. “We know that the game will be difficult. Everton has a speed and strength in this season, so we must be careful when attacking. In the end we successfully solved this problem and won.”

Cech praise for good performance

Emery: Its important to do this. Winning is everything 2

In the first half of the game with Everton, Arsenal played unsatisfactorily, Emery said: “We want more control in the first half, but gave Everton two or three very good scoring opportunities. In the dressing room, we talked about how to better stop their offense. We only gave them a free kick in the second half. In the last few minutes, we were close to our goalkeeper in the penalty area. We defended very well.”

The 36-year-old goalkeeper Cech performed very well throughout the game and repeatedly helped Arsenal to resolve the danger. Emery praised Cech: “I am very happy that I can work with the current goalkeeper. Petr (Cech) has a wealth of experience and super power. He started this season very well, he gave us expected performance. He showed us today the spirit of working hard every day. The same is true for the other goalkeepers. They work hard to ensure the best performance for the team, just like today’s Cech.”



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