Klopp: Ozil’s was involved in a conspiracy

Live Score Malaysia reported that the photo of Ozil and Gundoan and the President of Turkey, although still in the past, is still a topic of discussion. Liverpool coach Klopp believes that the group photo of the two was exaggerated, and the discussion about the matter was mostly hypocritical.

“This is a typical misinformation, and it is nonsense. In politics, in order to keep things going, small things are always magnified, and big things are always pushed aside. Usually, smart people will have reservations. It’s not easy to say the right thing. I will count myself as one of these people. Those who don’t know anything will speak very loudly in these conversations.”

“I know Gundoan very well. I know very well about Emre Can and Sahin. I don’t know much about Ozil, but I will want to take him home. I don’t doubt these people, at least they don’t doubt they are right. The loyalty of the motherland. The difference is that their bloodlines are the same. What is the problem? I think this is wonderful.”

“Cultural diversity, we think that the 2006 World Cup has been very good. I saw those wonderful advertisements, the parents of Glad-Asamoah and the parents of Mario Gomez’s barbecue party. We all lament that this idea is great. Now the two men (Ozil and Gondoan) are lured in politics and are very tempted to take pictures, and then they rarely have the chance to say their own ideas.”

“That’s why I think this kind of discussion is hypocritical. The bad thing is because people are not being told exactly. Even the media shouldn’t be sensational around this day. Calm down and see that The people behind it.”


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