Guendouzi joined the gunman, he firmly believes that Arsenal can win the Premier League


Guendouzi joined the gunman, he firmly believes that Arsenal can win the Premier League, Football Betting Tips on August 15th the first round of the Premier League season, Arsenal lost to defending champion Manchester City with a score of 0-2 at home. In this game, Gunners coach Emery boldly launched the 19-year-old teenager Matteo Guendouzi Olie, although there were some mistakes on his game, but the overall performance of this young midfielder is remarkable.

In an interview Guendouzi said: “Yes, I believe we can win the Premier League championship because we have a good team of players and coaches. We fully believe in ourselves and will try to win as much as possible. The game has a wonderful season. I fully believe that we can do this.”

“Manchester City is a top team, but there are many such teams in the Premier League, because the Premier League is the best league in Europe. Although there are many outstanding teams, we can still maintain a very optimistic attitude. We are able to win the championship because we have a very good team atmosphere and very strong players.”

Guendouzi also revealed that former Arsenal player Jérémie Aliadière convinced himself to join Arsenal. He said: “Really, there are many clubs that are very interested in me. I have also talked with some of the biggest clubs in Europe. But when I heard that Arsenal is interested in me, it is very simple to make a decision. I am very happy to be here.”

“I have had some exchanges with Aliadière. He told me some about Arsenal. He said that I can make great progress in Arsenal. There are many French players who are here. Henry’s long-term presence in Arsenal has become a symbol in France. I often watch Arsenal with my father, and Arsenal has a special position in my heart.”

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