Swedish not afraid of England teams pressure is on them

Swedish not afraid of England teams pressure is on them 1

Swedish not afraid of England teams pressure is on them. Betting Tips Football said now that the World Cup has entered the quarter-finals, England will face the match against Sweden. The Swedish were in the Group F which Germany and Mexico is in and successfully reached the top of the group.

Sebastian Larsson, a Swedish international who has played for Arsenal and Birmingham and many English clubs, said that England has to bear more pressure than they do: “I am sure that all those who support England feel that they can win this game, if they can’t beat Sweden, they will have to bear tremendous disappointment and pressure.”

“England is a big hit, yes, but we don’t care, we are also putting pressure on ourselves, we don’t want to be satisfied with the quarterfinals.”

“As far as I am concerned, it is very special to play against a country I have been in for 17 years. Our team has great respect, and they have high quality players and a good team.”

Swedish not afraid of England teams pressure is on them 1

In this World Cup, the England team entered the lower half of the weaker team after qualifying. Many fans are optimistic that they will advance into the finals. England coach Southgate also said in an interview “There will be no such good opportunities in the future.”

Southgate said in an interview: “Although our team will be more experienced in two years, the injury situation and other things will not be so smooth this year, and if we did not get this year, the opportunity may not be here again.”

Southgate continued: “For me, it is a great for everyone to have a working happily and bring people from different levels altogether. Football can connect with the feelings of a country. I am very happy that the team can bring happiness to everyone, I hope the team can move on.”


Between Heaven and Hell for Germany due to a Red Card 5


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