Between Heaven and Hell for Germany due to a Red Card

Between Heaven and Hell for Germany due to a Red Card 1

Football Betting Tips reported that between Heaven and Hell for Germany due to a Red Card : The World Cup defending champion Germany was pulled back from hell by Tony Kroos, 2-1 defeating Sweden, and pave their path to the World Cup. The moment of 94 minutes, without any politeness, is the critical point of German either it will be heaven or hell.

If 1-1 draws, Germany will be eliminated in the final round by Mexico and Sweden. This goal will make the German completely resurrected, according to Betting Tips Malaysia

Last match against South Korea, Germany has an absolute strength advantage against the Koreans. Although Koreans with a 2 match 2 loss and theoretically said still have the possibility of promotion, you know from the expression that their players cry after the game collapse, its only theoretical possibility, but they themselves knows that its is not hopeful.

Going up to the group first, down to the group fourth, in theory, Germany is possible, but the specific analysis, you will find that Germany is now very stable. First of all, regardless of the results in Mexico and Sweden, Germany will secure 100% of the qualifying line as long as it can win Korea’s with two goals. And if Germany wants to fight for the first team, to avoid the first round of the knockout and is likely to take the first group of Brazil, it needs the help of the Swedes to win Mexico, while Sweden’s goal difference can not be more than their own.

For example, the last round Germany 2-0 South Korea, and Sweden 1-0 Mexico, the three teams with 6 points, the German goal difference 2, the Swedish goal difference 1 and Mexico 1, but Sweden won Mexico, so the German team first Sweden is second and Mexico is out. And if Mexico is not defeated, Germany can only fight for the second team.

Between Heaven and Hell for Germany due to a Red Card 2

To ensure that the team is second, Germany needs to win Korea by 2 goals. And if Germany loses to South Korea and Sweden loses to Mexico. Then Sweden, Germany and South Korea may have the same extreme situation of goal difference. According to the new rules of the World Cup this year, it will compare the red and yellow cards.

This is a bit of a schizophrenia. According to the rules, Boateng’s two yellow cards against Sweden have turned the German competition points into -3, and Sweden currently has three yellow cards, which is also -3. So if in the last round, Germany didn’t manage to beat South Korea, if the competition points are the same, they will be decided on the red and yellow cards. It would be very hard situation for Germany here.

Between Heaven and Hell for Germany due to a Red Card 3

Of course, the probability of this extreme situation is too small. Boateng’s red card is unlikely to end Germany campaign. After all, the current Tai Chi Tiger is far too away level with the German Tank. However, if Sweden defeats Mexico, the number of goals scored by the three teams is exactly the same, the Germans will be regretted to be in second place of the group because of this red card, they will meet Brazil very soon. And that is not what the team wants to meet at the early stage also.

Between Heaven and Hell for Germany due to a Red Card 5


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